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Taylor Alesia Merch Net Worth

On May 26, 2015, Taylor’s Youtube channel titled ‘Tyloresia’, which has now 2.4 million subscribers and 203 million views. She uploads a video almost a day and discussed his daily work and relationship. Most viewed videos include extreme couple challenges, boyfriend VS girlfriend, and parents are pushing my belly button.

The main source of Taylor’s income comes from brand deals, selling her own merchandise & monetizing from YouTube videos. Her net worth is around US $ 0.5 million to date. She lives in their own house in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States with her family. All the details of her properties are not available at this moment.

Taylor Alesia Merch


Alesia began her journey on a platform called YouNow in 2015. Her self-titled YouTube channel was launched in May of the same year. She uploaded her debut YouTube video in August 2015, and it is titled “How I Do My Makeup — Taylor Alesia.” Alesia soon ventured into singing and made several covers of songs. In 2017, she released her debut original song ‘Stay The Night’ featuring Dylan Matthew. The song’s visuals were uploaded on her YouTube page in October 2017. This video recorded over 11 million views and is currently her channel’s most popular video. Alesia has released more songs. Her most recent release is ‘Born Again,’ which dropped in August 2021.

As someone whose career involves endless hours in front of the cameras, Alesia’s personal life is equally public. She has dated Taylor Caniff, who later denied being in a relationship with her. She dated Mikey Barone briefly in 2015 and then fellow YouTuber Tanner Fox in 2017, but they broke up in 2018. After this, she dated Matt Freeman, and they split in 2019. Alesia is currently single and focusing on herself, her brand, and her family.

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